A Few Questions - First PC Build :D

I am looking to build a gaming pc.

1. Does the motherboard affect speed/performance that much?

2. I have a motherboard with four RAM ports, could I buy two 4GB sticks and fill in the other two with two 2GB sticks (would it add up and be better?)

3. Lastly, do computer cases come with instructions for where to put where? I sure hope so, ha ha.

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    1. No unless you're overclocking, where some motherboards will overclock better and some won't overclock at all, you pay for the features on the motherboard.

    2. You can mix it up, though i don't think you'll ever be sure that it will work. Also think they need to be running at the same speed, and i can already figure the 2x2GB's are pretty slow.

    3. Nope, but you'll be able to find loads of guides online, and videos that guide you on youtube.

    Hope this helped you! ;)
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