Need help connecting two houses with cat5e, router in 2nd house stop responding after a few minutes ! Please help!


I have gone crazy trying to figure out what keeps making the router in my mom's house repeatedly stop responding randomly... we have cat5e connecting both houses, and the routers in my house do not have this problem.

I currently have 2 routers in my house, and one in my mother's house across the driveway.

We have 2 routers in the main house:

Router A : Setup as a normal router and wireless AP, DHCP Server Enabled, modem connected to WAN Port. Located in my bedroom. ASUS RT-N12 Running Tomato Firmware

Router B: Connected to router A via 50 foot CAT5e Cable. Setup as a wireless AP, DHCP Disabled, Nothing plugged into WAN Port. Located on porch. NETGEAR WNR1000v, stock firmware

Then across the driveway at my mom's house we have:
Router C: Connected to Router B via 200 foot CAT5e Burial Grade Cable. Setup as a wireless AP. DHCP Disabled, Nothing plugged into Wan Port. ASUS RT-N10+ Running DD-WRT

I have repeatedly tested all the cabling with a cable continuity tester, and all 8 nodes on all wires test good.

The computers connected to router C via both Wifi and Ethernet work just fine for a short period of time... but after a few minutes to an hour or so that router will stop responding, and all devices connected to it show limited/no network connectivity and fail to connect to the internet until the router is unplugged for a couple minutes and plugged back in. Then it will work for awhile and then eventually fail again.

All devices connected to Router A and B continue working just fine. While all devices connected to Router C lose connectivity.

It's worth noting I have tried 2 other confirmed working routers at my mom's house, they do the same thing... but only when hooked up at my mom's house.

I am at a loss and don't know what else to try!

Please help if you have any ideas or suggestions at all! I'm willing to try anything at his point...
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    I am going to suspect the cable. Those cheap testers pretty much just show if you have the pins correctly placed in right order they can not actually tell you the quality of the connection. Generally without testing equipment the best thing to do is cut the ends off one at a time and replace them and hope to get lucky.

    Since you have a extra router you can confirm the port in router b by replacing that router with one of your spares. It is unlikely but it is less work than cutting ends off cables.

    I am assuming that rebooting router b does not clear router c when this happens. I would also assume that you can not ping/access the address from a PC at your main house when this happens.

    These are really tough because consumer equipment does not keep any form of logs or give any error messages
  2. I will second bill on the cable.

    I also had done some continuity testing on cat5(e?) cables that looked ok and passed. When trying to move a file from one system to another on the lan which would usually take 5min on other cables, the same transfer was taking over 3x as long.

    Proof to me was starting the transfer with the tested cable - eta to complete of ~15min, unplug the cable, which caused the transfer to fail with option to retry, swap to known good cable, hit retry, and transfer would complete in under 5min.
  3. Other option would be to swap routers B and C.

    If router B on the far end of the cable at your mom's has similar issues - most likely the cable.

    If router C (while at your place) keeps crashing - could be the hardware/firmware/configuration on it has issues.
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