Good mATX motherboard for FX-8320

Hey guys, just curious if anyone knows of a good mATX motherboard that will work out of the box with the 8320 and wont require any bios flash or anything.

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  1. There are no new M-ATX motherboards for the 970/990FX platform right now. Only the old 760G chipset ones, which I would avoid using with the FX-8320. Those motherboards are not ideal for the power delivery the 8320 requires.

    If you still would go for the M-ATX route, I'd suggest the GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 (would still require update).
    You should go full ATX if you want a good motherboard for that CPU.
  2. The micro ATX boards aren't sufficient for the FX8320 due to a poor power and thermal design.

    AM3+ Micro ATX is a dead end.
  3. ok so scratch the matx. I had already kinda decided on a full ATX but just curious if i could chave off a few dollars with matx.

    Is this a good one to buy? Seems up to date and hass everything I'd need.
  4. Yes it's a very good board.
  5. It's a good motherboard and supports the 8320. Will work much better than the mATX ones.
  6. will do then. thanks guys
  7. Glad to help , thanks for posting.
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