Windows 8.1 Pro OEM won't recognize key. Error m essage say "We couldn't verify the product key. Please check installation med

Recently built a new computer and am trying to install Windows 8.1 Pro on it for the first time from an OEM key purchased from Newegg. Despite this being a 100% legitimate key (hopefully) I get the message "We couldn't verify the product key. Please check installation media."
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  1. I have had similar issues with Windows 8.1 media as the product key is just printed so darn small and the horrible printing behind it can just make it so darn hard to read. In the end, I always had one of the numbers wrong. Look really closely and make sure that all of the numbers match. In my experience, B's and 8's, G's and 6's, and O's and D's all can look similar.
  2. Ok so it was an issue of not being correctly connected to the internet in combination with with the usb connection on my external optical drive being faulty.
    PHEW so glad though
  3. when product key is so small..take a picture of it and enlarge it up on ur spare pc so u can see the code..i had to do this just to see the serial number for a mobo i had to reg
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