Strange problem with separation of wallpapers per user

On my Win98 PC, I have three user profiles. Two seem to share the same wallpaper: when I change the wallpaper on one, another changes, also. Now, when I created the third, it defaulted to a former wallpaper, and the setting doesn't change the other two. What could be the problem here?

BTW, the computer is at my mother's house, and I don't know when I'll be there next.
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  1. People are going to ridicule me for using Windows 9x to this day. I do it anyway.

    I had problems on Windows ME where the wallpaper would change like crazy.
    First of all, the "cancel" button on the logon dialog when you start up Windows will log you on to the default Windows user account. This is the master account. Changing the wallpaper on that account usually has effects for everyone.

    Second of all, when you go in Windows 9x to create a new user, it will ask you if you want to Make the account with its own separate files, or to copy files from another account to save disk space. If you chose the save disk space option, your account was then based off another account on the computer.

    I recommend that you copy all the files from all three accounts to somewhere on your C: drive, then delete the accounts, then remake them, using the "Make new files" option. Your start menu will most likely have missing programs under "Accessories," but you can just copy the shortcuts over to your start menu from another.

    On my WinME computer, if I change my wallpaper on my account, then when I log on to my account, it will show a black wallpaper for 2 seconds, my previous wallpaper for 2 seconds, then my current wallpaper. It's more of an overlook to PC users than a glitch with Windows for wallpapers to get messed up.
  2. I didn't need to do all that because only one account was affected. What I did was create a new account, copy the files from the old account to the new account, then delete the old. Unfortunately, I deleted the old account too quickly, but all the information was replaceable. Thank you, though! :)
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