i5 3570k bottleneck SLI GTX 970's?

Im looking to upgrade my GPU from a gtx 680 to SLI Asus strix 970's and I wasnt sure if id need to upgrade my CPU or PSU for that matter. Currently im running a i5 3570k at stock speeds and my psu is a corsair hx 750w. Any thoughts on whether this setup will bottleneck the GPU's

Thanks for the help :)
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    No, it will not bottleneck, it is totally fine. And your PSU is good enough as well.
  2. Not at all, the 3570k is a very capable cpu.
  3. thanks for the assist :D
  4. I have a 3570K (@ 4.2 GHz) and a GTX 970 OC.

    In 3DMark, I get 9774 in Fire Strike, 23532 in Sky Diver, 20903 in Cloud Gate and 171076 in Ice Storm.

    I was wondering what kind of increase I'd get if I bought a second GTX 970 OC.

    Can anyone in this topic help?
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