What kind of performance can I expect?


I've decided on a custom PC build that fits within my budget, and I would really like to get your opinion on what kind of performance I could expect from it. What I'm hoping for is to be able to play most new release titles on medium-high settings, so if you guys could let me know how you think this system will run, and make some suggestions, that would be amazing!

Intel H97 Motherboard
2gb GTX 750TI PCI-Express Video Card
Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz
Thermaltake Versa H22 Case + 500w Power Supply
G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB Kit (4Gx2) DDR3 1600 Memory
Seagate 2TB SATA3 Hard Disk
OCZ Vertex 450 128G SATA3 SSD Solid State Drive

Cost: $1159 AUD - $970 USD

Budget is flexible, I'm willing to go 100-200 dollars over.

Thank you!
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  1. Change the CPU and GPU, get a better GPU by going for a cheaper CPU like an i5
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    I hope your not buying the case that comes with a power supply, those PSU's are junk.
    And as above get the i5 4690 and put the savings in the video card you will get a lot better overall performance.
    If your buying a non overclocking motherboard H97 their no reason to get the K processor you need a Z97 to overclock.
  3. Hey, i think that you would get great reaults if you make a new post saying what do you want the PC for and your budget and preferable parts etcetera
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