Is this a good build for low-end gaming?

Motherboard-Asus H81M-A LGA1150 U-ATX
RAM-Wintec Value 4GB DDR3 Memory Kit
CPU-Intel Pentium Unlocked G3258 Processor
GPU-Nvidia Msi GT 640
PSU-ThermalTake Smart Standard 550W
(I'm looking to run CSGO on max settings with 60fps)
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  1. You might be better with something like an R7 250X or 260X. Better value for money. That processor is an overclocking champion but you might want to invest in a good CPU cooler to go with it.
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    I like it.
    Consider a better quality psu.
    tier 2 from this list.
    Seasonic, xfx,antec for starters
  3. Okay thank you!
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