!Programs and general startup wont run in windows 7 URGENT!


Ive got quite a severe and interesting issue regarding windows 7.
Ive just recieved my new mobo and CPU and got them working perfectly. Due to this ive had to reinstall windows which wasn't a worry. I reinstalled it on my SSD where it was before and it kept the old windows files in a file called windows.old. After this I reinstalled everything like drivers and motherboard installation disk and all was working perfectly. About a day later I was just using it normally and I decided to download some steam games, so I did. I was also trying a bit of BF4 to check all is good and the CPU wasn't getting too hot, around 40c. Then suddenly I lost connection to the server and I was very puzzled. So I exited and had a look at my connection status and it was just doing the loading Circle that windows 7 does, however it did not allow me to click on it. First thing that came to mind was to give it a restart and so I did. This time it took forever to load in even though it is on an SSD. Once loaded in my horror became a reality as no icons showed up however the start bar was there. I can find my programs by going through them in My computer but I can't search for them. I still can't click the networking thing in the bottom left nor can i access the internet. No games or programs will open, some things from my mobo driver will open and basically im extremely puzzled.

I tried putting in my windows installation disk to see if there was a recovery option and my mouse and keyboard now won't work, or any others that I also have. Ive gone through windows start up recovery but when it ask me to click restore I have no input so I can't click it or press enter. None of my USBs work when im in these modes but they do when i boot into the bugged out windows. When in safe mode however everything seems fine, i am connected to the internet and can open programs, and ive also ran an antivirus and found nothing.

If anyone knows a fix or knows what on earth is wrong I will be extremely grateful as my PC from which I work from home from is disfunctional and I cannot proceed to work on it which for me is an extremely bad thing so any help will be gratefully appreciated.
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    sounds severe. i would try memtest and/or a reinstall. but this time with format c: beforehand. its not a good idea to put an os "on top" of another.
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