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I just recently built my computer. Keep in mind I'm using a STOCK cooler. When I first started the computer without windows 8.1 being installed I noticed the CPU temp rising slowly from 41 to 65. I read up online that the bios puts more stress on the CPU and doesn't stay idle. I'm not sure how true that is. Anyway I installed windows and I was happy to see that at idle the CPU stays at 41 degrees. I started to update windows and it still stayed at that temperature. While updating windows In stalled some drivers such as Audio and Intel lan and Asus cloud application. All of a sudden after they stopped installing I noticed the CPU rising to 95 degrees! And only at 3 to 50 percent load. I checked the CPU cooler and its installed correctly with the pre applied thermal paste on the stock cooler. Can someone clarify what can be the problem?
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  1. Is the fan on the CPU cooler running?
  2. Yes it is. Looks like its running normally
  3. What is the CPU? Have you overclocked? If you have changed the voltage at all, even at default clock rates, the CPU will heat up more.
  4. Im using an i5 4590k and I kept everything at stock.
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    You may want to try manually setting the v-core voltage of the processor to 1.200V and boot again and see if you get the same issue.

    What is your motherboard?

    Also, the intel cooler requires quite a bit of force to jam the plastic pins through the motherboard holes. i would double check all 4 pins are properly seated.

    Let me know what you find

    P.S. - It's 4690k
  6. All fixed! Pin was not properly seated haha. Do you think I damaged the cpu since one of the pin was not in? I see every video showing people pressing two pins down diagonally and simultaneously to avoid unnecessary pressure on one side. My main concern it that I bent a pin int he socket or damaged the cpu.
  7. Also right after i turned on the pc the start up screen said CPU fan error. Its a Asus motherboard. I turned it off checked if the cpu fan header was in and then pushed it down just in-case even though it looked like ti was in. I was wondering if that error meant any damage to the CPU
  8. Hmm, odd. There should not be CPU pin problems unless you physically knocked the socket without the CPU in place. The CPU fan error could be caused by putting the fan into the header improperly. If you connect the 12V line into ground, there will be an error.
  9. Appreciate the help. Cpu fan error is not popping up anymore. Just happen once. So just to clarify, i know its not possible to tell and no one would really know but do you think I damaged the processor due to the cooler not being place correctly I said before. Like i said, I'm worried I put to much pressure on one end since of the i5 since the pin on the other side was not installed and was leaning on the motherboard rather being in the hole. Thanks again.
  10. Everything works great though, I just worry to much when it comes to this stuff.
  11. No, once the pressure clamp(little lever) is down prior to the heat sink being installed, the CPU is no longer moving and cannot damage the CPU pins on the motherboard. You're all set. Best of luck. Glad you were able to fix your issue.
  12. Appreciate the help! So glad its working. Thanks!
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