Is this build enough to max out the settings of modern games like bf4 nd upcoming gta v

My last one was a little bit unclear. This time i have made some changes.
Intel Core I7-4770K
Seagate Internal 7200Rpm 500Gb
GTX 970
ATX Chassis

I am willing to spend a little more. So please tell me what are the changes necsassary. Um not too sure about the power supply. These were given by a computr shop in my city.
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  1. Yes, but the PSU isn't good, and you should be getting Z97 and i7-4790K.
  2. If it's just for gaming, drop the i7 and buy a i5-4690K, it's a waste of money. Gaming does not need 8-threads.

    Yes, change that PSU. Get one from EVGA, Antec or XFX 80+ certified, 550W at least, the GTX 970 doesn't need too much.

    Optional, buy a 240GB (at least) SSD for your system.
  3. Wiill the power supply work good? Is it enough? In my country only few are available
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    Yes, it will work, but don't force it (overload it).

    The PSU is a very important component. Cheap generic PSUs are dangerous and can kill your other components. That's why here we recommend avoiding those kind of PSUs.
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