Need your thoughts on this Gaming PC build (~1300 Euros budget)

Hello. A friend of mine wants to buy a gaming PC so he asked me to help him. I did some research online - mostly in tomshardware - and picked these parts for his PC. I would like some advice / thoughts about it.

Please keep in mind that he won't spend more than ~1.300 Euros and this PC is already @ ~1.325 Euros, so please let me know if you think I should buy a cheaper *whatever*, to buy a more expensive *whatever*, or replace some parts. I know some stuff about PCs but I am definitely not an expert so any advice would be appreciated.

Things I mostly want your advice on :

MB : GIGABYTE GA-H97-D3H --- 109,59 € - Is this good enough for the rest of the build?

CPU : Intel® Core i5-4690 @ 3.5mhz --- 212,33 € - Should I get a cheaper CPU as this PC is 80% for gaming?

GPU : PCX Sapphire R9 290 4GB Vapor-X OC --- 361,37 € - GTX 780 costs ~100 Euros more, should I sacrifice other PC parts' quality to get that instead?

Monitor : LED 23 Asus VX239H-W IPS --- 177,02 € - Is this IPS - 5ms response time better that a LED 2ms Asus of the same price?

Rest of the build :

CASE : Cooler Master Elite 430 + Window Red Fan -- 53,09 €

PSU : Cooler Master G650M 650W --- 74,53 € - Is this too much? I read on the coolermaster webpage that for this build a ~560W PSU is required, but in these forums people suggested much more than that, even for a system running r9 280.

RAM : 2 x DDR3 PC1600 4GB CL9 Corsair Vengeance -- 84,92 €

HDD : Western Digital WD10PURX 1 TB --- 64,94 €

Opt. Drive : CD DVRW Samsung SH-224DB/RSMS --- 23,83 €

Keyboard : CM Storm QuickFire TK --- 88,26 € - Any other mechanical backlit keyboard at the same price range out there?

Mouse : Corsair Raptor M4 Laser Gaming Mouse --- 45,97 €

Speakers : Hercules 2.1 Gloss --- 30,70 €

Also please keep in mind that I can't find better prices for those in Greece so don't bother sending me links :) Thanks in advance.
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    The CPU is great for gaming. Can't overclock it, but if you're not into that this is probably the best gaming CPU you can get. The motherboard is a good fit, but keep in mind that you can't SLI on a H97 board.

    How are the 970s in Greece price-wise? A GTX970 will outperform both the R9 290 and the GTX780. It's probably cheaper than a 780.

    The monitor is nice. IPS for cheap. 5ms is not great, but definitely good enough. The fact that it's an IPS monitor more than makes up for it unless you do nothing but play competitive FPS games all the time.

    I'd get a different PSU. That CM is not great. Look at XFX's PSUs. The modular versions are a bit pricy but the non-modular versions are great quality at a great price.
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