BOSD When playing game (Dragon age inquisition)

Not sure what category to put it under but while playing Dragon age inquisition I got a BOSD. I am not sure why, I donèt think I have ever gotten BOSD on this computer, or in the 18 hours I've played DA.

That is the Report according to BlueScreenViewer

Thanks for help If possible.
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  1. It could be due to bad RAM, corrupt/unreadable disk sectors, or to do with the pagefile.

    How much RAM do you have? Is it overclocked? Test it with Windows Memory Diagnostics.

    Test for disk problems with Checkdisk Utility.
  2. Hmm I think my ram is okay. I did the ram test and it did 2 runs and it had no error or anything. I did the disk check, although it took forever and I did it overnight, when I woke up, a popup box shoed up on the bottom right side (tray) and said "there were no errors".

    I have 16gb of transcend ram, at 1600 mhz. I think? It's overclocked. When I went into bios it was really low, at like 833 mhz. So I put it at default of what I thought it was supposed to come. It seemed stable for a good week-2 + and I am not sure what happening.

  3. Also my specs are

    AMD Phenom x6 ii 1090t 3.4ghz
    16gb 1600 MHz ddr3 ram
    MSI GTX 970 4gb
  4. Your RAM should be at 800Mhz in the BIOS.

    Can't be a pagefile issue since the game won't use up all 16GB of RAM.
  5. So putting back to default should help?
  6. Cause 800mhz seems reallllly low, especially with the 2100 MHz+ nowadays.:(
    I guess my computer is almost 4 years old? I think.
  7. Well I put it back down to 1000mhz I guess Ill just wait and see if games BSOD me. If still, then I don't know whats wrong, since I put it low again, my memory was ok and my disk was okay, and I have enough ram like you said for pagefile.
  8. Well now that I put it down to 1000mhz and did all the other checks and stuff you said, my game didn't crash in like 4times the amount of gameplay if not more. I suppose it is now better.
  9. Upload the dmp files somewhere then post the link. That file wont be the cause. Something is making it crash
  10. Is the link I supplied with "ViewBlueScreen" not the right info? Also whenever I try to open the .dmp file it is just a bunch of gibberash. Also there file in "minidump" appears to be gone.
  11. If you use ccleaner it'll delete them. I need the file not the text
  12. CC cleaner then did delete it:(. HMM. I did play my game that BOSD longer this time, and no crash or BOSD. SOo.
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    Your RAM runs at double rate of what it is set to in the BIOS. Meaning if it is set to 800MHz, it will actually run at 1600MHz.

    Yours is rated at 1600MHz and you should stick to that. Running it differently could cause instability issues that can lead to BSOD and crashes.

    If it were so simple to have 1600MHz sticks running beyond 2000MHz, then everyone would just go for the cheaper option, and high end RAM wouldn't sell.

    Last time I'm gonna tell you. It's your computer.
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