Aftrer fresh install of Windows 8.1 computer will not connect to internet

I have just done a fresh install of Windows 8.1 onto my new SSD. After installation was complete I noticed I could not connect to the internet. I plugged in a wireless adapoter to connect to the internet and it worked. I used the wireless to download the drivers that I "needed" and after downloading those network drivers, the hardwired internet still did not work. I have gone to the MSI website and found the exact driver I would need to the network and it still does not work.

If anyone has any idea as to what may be wrong I am more than happy to work with you.
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    try going into the device manager and see what the "troubleshoot" button does on the ethernet jack.
  2. I troubleshot/troubleshooted and searched the driver folder pertaining to my network instead of searching online and it worked! Thank you for the feedback. You pointed me int he right direction. :)
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