Black screen on boot after cleaning PC... Help!

Hey everyone, so here is my problem, On Friday I decided to clean my computer, it had been a while since i last cleaned it, but anyway, i started cleaning and decided to pull my GPU out of its slot by a tiny bit so i could get all the dust out of the fans and the back slot of it, i placed it back in its slot carefully, mind you its quite a tank of a card (GTX 680) so i didnt think there would be any damage done, i also pulled out one of the PCI-E cables connecting to the GPU and then slotted it back in neatly, anyway, after i cleaned it i decided to play a couple of games and burn some time, so i started a game and as i entered the game i noticed heavy FPS drops, im talking from an average of 120 FPS to around 15-55, it was a constantly changing number and it bugged me a lot, (playing a competitive game and not being able to play at your peak is very frustrating) it virtually came to a point where it was unplayable, essentially the fps drops were too much to handle, so i closed the game and decided to restart my computer in hopes of that changing something... But after i restarted my computer, all i got was a black screen, and a resolution change from 1920x1080 to 800x600, in normal mode my computer would boot up and everything, the fans were working, the GPU even had all its LED's on, and everything would boot up as normal, but i would get no display, (yes i do have the VGA plugged in to the GPU slot) I am using a Gigabyte motherboard and i noticed that normally my computer would have a normal resolution on start up, you know when it shows you that 2-3 second screen telling you to press DEL for bios or F9 for boot menu, but after i restarted my computer the resolution of that screen dropped to an 800x600 resolution and also normally i would have the windows icon pop up, you know the 4 different coloured dots joining together and it makes the windows icon, instead of that, i now had a label saying "Microsoft Corporation" and a little loading bar on top of it, i didnt know what was happening, all of a sudden i couldnt even log on normally, so i heard the login screen appear, still no display, i logged in and after i logged in i held my finger on the power button for 10 seconds, making it shut down so i could go into safe mode, I then restarted my computer and went into safe mode, the same start up occured, low resolution and "Microsoft Corporation" displayed, but i could log in, because it was on safe mode, so i hopped on and started looking online for solutions, I tried EVERYTHING people have posted on this problem, and im beginning to think it is a problem with my GPU because when i uninstall my driver and reboot with my onboard card in normal mode, everything goes fine, but i cant run anything for some reason, but its killing me, and i dont know what to do, my computer still picks up my card but i cant do anything with the card, I cant even get into BIOS, when i press delete on startup to enter bios, it just becomes a black screen and i cant do anything, im stuck on this stupid 800x600 resolution and i cant do anything... please help!
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  1. uninstall the drivers and download them again
  2. Tried that many times, doesnt work, im not very tech savy but i think it may be the new windows update as my friends pc also messed up the exact same way mine did after the same update...
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