Need help on choosing between the Asus r9 270 2GD5 and the Asus GTX 750 Ti 2GD5

I am currently looking to find a graphics card to play games at least high or ultra settings, and I came across these 2 cards. Both the GTX 750 Ti and R9 270 are "OverClocked", and are somewhat similar prices except $10 more on the R9. What's the difference between the two? A comparison would be much appreciated. :)

Here is the link to both:

R9 270 -

GTX 750 Ti -
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    You can get the "X" version for $15 cheaper (discluding MIR's) than both of them.,3750-21.html
    The 750 ti uses much less power. And is slightly quieter and cooler.

    I would go for the R9 270/270x personally.
  2. R9 270 is 28-40% faster than GTX 750 ti . It depends

    R9 270 draws up to 150W and needs 500W PSU
    GTX 750 ti draws 2x less power and can run on 350W good PSU
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