DVD Drive not Recognizing Blank DVD

My LG DVD R/W drive is not recognizing Blank DVD(s) but recognizing Blank CD(s). The Drive is Re-writable and there is no issues with the DVD drive according to Windows Device Manager. Do i need to buy another DVD Drive or there is a fix to this problem.
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    Some dvd/cd drives can be picky about the brand of blank discs you use. You should verify compatibility with your drive, if it requires +R, -R or if it will use either. Some people said they had better luck with +R and their lg drives wouldn't recognize -R. Some good brands to try are verbatim, tayio juden and when I have neither of those I've had pretty good results with sony also. The sony's I have right now at hand are dvd +R.

    No real experience with the lg drives. I used to use lite on but the couple of models I had were a real pain with intermittent success and stability problems, problems writing to blank media or recognizing media burned off that same unit. I switched to an asus I've used the past 4yrs or better with no issues.
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