help me to figure out my power supply

Model -Classic 450
Ac input- 220v 4a/50hz
Dc input- +5v_29a
(3.3v nd 5v = 85w max)
Total output shall not continuously exceed 200w
It is all written on my psu label
How much it is?
And it'll be able to run gtx 750
With my pentium g2010 dual core 2.8 ghz
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  1. You will be right on the limit mate - the choice is yours but I would personally want 350w minimum for some headroom.
    That PSU is never a real 450w from those ampage figures - more like a 250w max.
  2. As said, you're probably right on the limit. With 18A on the +12V rail, your wattage is only 216W, and just about every component will be drawing power from that.
  3. On limit
    It means i can run gtx750 without any overclocking?
  4. Best answer
    I'll say yes mate - theoretically you're looking at 50w GPU,60w CPU + say hard drive & optical at 6w each & a couple of fans at 3w
    So yes - its a pretty crappy well overrated PSU but you hardly have high spec components in there.
    I honestly think you'll be OK.
    (Didn't realise how low the power draw is on the 7750 on my original post)
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