No signal to tv/monitor, 2 video cards(one new) please help

First, let me apologize for formatting, I'm using my phone for this. So I'm not sure where I should put this, mods feel free to move it to correct section!

Second, my specs. All bought over time, I have a knack for upgrading as parts die. I unknowingly bought Rev. 1 of my mobo, so it caps me out at the fx8320, doh. Now the specs:
(date of purchase next to part, not sure if it matters.)

Gigabyte GA-990fxa-ud3 (10/2011)

Corsair enthusiast series tx750 v2(10/2011)

XFX HD-6950 2gb (2/2012)

Amd fx 8320 @ 3.5 (4.0 turbo) (9/2014)

Corsair hydro h60 liquid cooler (9/2014)

Now, my issue and what I've done. Came home last night, fired up pc, tv screen and monitor stay blue(no signal.) I checked all connections, removed and replaced all parts/plugs but cpu because I don't have an extra tube of thermal atm.

Wifey felt bad so she gave me an early xmas present, hoping to save the day. A saphire r9 290 4gb video card, oh god yes. Installed, still same problem. Tried other pci slot, nothing.

My computer makes no beeps, all fans are on, all lights are blinking(that should be.)

Now, I have noticed it has been taking longer to load my os, I chalk that up to hd, so a ssd went on the xmas list, but I noticed that it started hanging on the bios splash screen too. This started about a week or so ago(bios hanging.)

This motherboard has no onboard video so I can't really do anything more, if I can, let me know. I tried to stick the video cards in my older PCs but I think those PCs are too old/small form factor for the bigger cards. Can I do anything else to narrow it down? What can I do to absolutely prevent damage to my new card while trying to figure out what's going on?

Now to the big questions. Do I replace everything? Psu/mobo/ram or just mobo? Or psu..

I was just going to match up my GPU with the parts picker list, unless somebody could suggest something specifically for my currently abolished setup.

I kind of have to act quick even though I am broke as fuck(also working on replacing my car QQ), because I need to test the gpu and ssd that I got/am getting for xmas.

I will try to come back and edit this to a more legible, enjoyable reading experience.

My computers all I really got for entertainment purposes, I'll go batty the longer I go without it.
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  1. If a case speaker is connected to the motherboard, try starting it with only CPU and CPU fan installed. See if the CPU fan does spin and if getting the error beeps.
    If no beeps and CPU fan does spin, then it's either a board or CPU issue.
  2. try one memory stick at a time, I had similar on a recent build, nothing until I started isolating out the bad stick.
  3. I'll have to double check but I don't think this motherboard has the speaker connectors, the cpu fan is def. Spinning, I can see it clearly as it is attached to back of case(noob liquid cooling kit) I maybe able to put cpu in other pc but I have to check compatibility.

    Also I'm not sure how much it matters but I'm pretty anal with watching my temperatures and I've never seen my temperature's for either gpu or CPU rise above what they should be at.

    This will be the last motherboard I buy with no board video, pfft.
  4. I'm asking because:
    "My computer makes no beeps, all fans are on, all lights are blinking(that should be.) "
    I thought that there is one connected, since mentioning the beeps.
  5. Well it usually does make an initial beep when I boot it up but I believe it wasn't doing it last night, Ill have to check! But there aren't any extreme beeps like anything constant or repeated beeps.

    I am 90% sure that I was not able to plug in a small black hardware speaker on this board, would it be built in?
  6. It means that there is a case speaker on the motherboard. Remove RAMs, graphics card, leave only CPU and CPU fan. Start the board and see if any beeps.
  7. Okay, ill update thread when I get home- might be a few hours now, does the lack of beep indicate anything?

    I tried the ram isolation too, switched then around, and used the other channel.
  8. Best answer
    Lack of beeps when starting with no RAMs indicates that CPU does not work. And that might be because of board, or CPU, or both.
  9. Got it, if the board is damaged how likely is it that it damaged the cpu + ram also? Did I put my new card in jeopardy?

    I guess ill start checking new parts out awhile..boooo-yaay-awww!
  10. Ook, everything out, no beeps, cannot turn off with power button o.0

    So cpu/motherboard needs replaced, anything else I should be worried about? Ram/psu/new gpu being fried?
  11. Hopefully, not. Hard to say without testing.
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