Need help on upgrading my PC for upcoming games

I really don't know how to match parts together real well. I'm not super-duper-pooper big on computers. I just want the best performance. I'm all about getting good frame rates. Performance > Graphics.

Don't laugh at my PC lol. It was my first time ever building one and I was on a strict budget because I didn't know whether or not I'd stick with PC gaming, so I didn't want to blow $1000 or anything. The part list says there are incompatibilities but its wrong lol. All these parts are working together. I've had this build for about a year now and am noticing it downgrading as the new games are coming.

If a $300-$400 upgrade budget is enough breathing room, I'd like to be in that range. I'm guessing I definitely need a new mobo and gpu.


1. I actually have two 8-gb RAM sticks, so I'm not bottlenecking it all into one

2. The GPU is slightly different, the ASUS one listed always sold out before I could buy it so I had to buy a Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7800 series.
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  1. help me out :(
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