WD My Book 3TB won't show up in my computer, showing up in device manager and disk management.

It shows up in device manager and disk management. it doesn't show there is a problem in device manager and it shows up as disk 1 with 3 unnamed partitions, all healthy supposedly in disk management. Tried combing the other threads about WD My Books to no avail. please help me guys!

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  1. Does it not show up in Computer/Documents? Your description is hard to understand.
  2. Try installing WD Smartware if you don't already have it installed and see what it says about the drive. These are encrypted and if there is any issue with the decryption it will still appear but will give a write protected error when the system tries to access it.

    See what the Smartware says.
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    Hey there, Phil!

    I'm sorry to hear about your WD My Book. :(
    I'd suggest you to test your external drive with Data LifeGuard Diagnostics.
    Run the extended test, it will let you know what's the health status of the drive.
    Here's a link to the software:
    Can you please share a screenshot of your Disk management, so we can see how the drive appears there and be more helpful?

    Another thing you can try for troubleshooting is to uninstall all the drivers under Universal Serial Bus controllers in Device manager.
    Afterwards restart your computer, wait until Windows updates reinstall the drivers and try to plug the WD My Book again, see if that would help.

    Keep me posted with the results. Hope this helps. :)
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