Need Advice: $1500 Build Overview

PC Part Picker - Full System Build Here

Note* The CPU and Mobo were in a Combo for $335 so I included it into one price

I'd really appreciate an overview so that everything will fit without problems, let me know what you guys think, thanks guys!
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  1. Tit will all wotk together but is there a reason you need 1Tb SSD? Money from that could be put elsewhere
  2. Excellent, but i also ask the same question, why a 1TB ssd? I would just get a 256GB SSD then get another 2TB HDD and put them in a RAID 1 or 0.
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    I have 3 different ssds in my work computer - if you have the $$, 1TB is great. You don't need to RAID anything and I found I like putting everything on my ssd because of the fast load times. Very similar build to mine - you will be very happy.
  4. Just change the case to an Enthoo Pro and you'll be fine :P
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