Restarts after installing 2x4GB RAM:

When i installed 2x4GB my laptop began to restarts when i start Ubuntu it allows me to log in and restarts, in windows after the windows logo disappear it shows up blue screen which says "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then will restart for you.", that appeared and on the second time when i booted windows, the laptop doesn't restarts in the Grub menu or in the BIOS, i started memory test in the BIOS and it passed the test, when i start memtest from the grub menu it also restarts when it go to this stage - My old RAM was Samsung 2x2GB and the laptop is HP Pavilion dv7 3150eq, it supports Memory Type: DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 (non-ECC), Maximum Memory: 8GB - Slots: 2, Each memory slot can hold DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500 with a maximum of 4GB per slot. The ram should be compatible with the mobo. How to fix this restarting problem?
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  1. That windows blue screen of death will probably have an error code or something that you can google. One thing you can test is to swap the positions of the memory from slot 1 ~ 2 and from 2 ~ 1. Another test is to install the memory sticks one by one, isolating the good sticks/slots. Some slots may be good to the sticks, some might not accept it.
  2. I've tried to swap the positions of the rams and there was no change, i've set only one 4gb ram at the bottom slot and no change, i've set only one 4gb ram on the top slot and memtest started, but stuck, Windows loading logo started and showed up Automatic Repair and restarted, ubuntu started to loading and stuck on this screen -
  3. But how is the laptop detecting the memory in the bios settings? This is starting to look like a memory brand thingie (something about dimm parts 'quality'). Is the dimms new;have you recently bought the dimms?

    I often just bring a desktop/laptop to a local computer shop, and let them stick in the new memory. I've had experiences with some brands not working or like you, they work for a while then they freeze up the system. There are fixes like what I posted before, but usually in the shop, they just get new sticks or recommend another brand.

    Anyway.. I can't search that last few lines of the ubuntu pix, and its really.. peculiar(heh) how sometimes it boots up, but just up to a point in the booting process. Like its loading stuff in the memory and then something fails somewhere..

    And just to make it clear, you only have 2 sodimm slots , correct?
  4. They are brand new. The BIOS shows 8192MB or 8100 and something. Yes it is with 2 slots only. I've put one of the two new rams in my brother's laptop(it has 1x4gb) and it worked, then I put the ram from my brother's laptop in mine and worked.
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    It's really just a mobo~memory compatibility then, it sucks but these kind of things really happen.

    Maybe you can swap with your bro and get to 8Gb with the other new 4gb stick?

    Again, if you recently bought em, I highly recommend returning them and just do the computer shop visit for the onsite purchase+testing.
  6. I can't return them because they are opened(return policy of cclonline).
  7. Haha, thats kinda @#$@# policy: How can you test them if you don't open the package it came with? And that stands true for anything we buy that came in a box/plastic wrap/etc. I think you can contest/argue this 'policy' of theirs. If the initial guy tells you off, ask for his superior as they'll say anything just to keep you from returning your item.

    Anyway, best of luck man.
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