is my graphics card enough to play all the latest game on high to very high with highe frame rates

My pc spec are
Ati hd 6870
4th gen i3 4130
6gb ram
Msi b85 mobo
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  1. Not very high, but you can certainly play the latest games. Probably more like medium @ 1080p or high @ 720p.
  2. Honestly, you can't. If ur 1080p, brand new games low-medium-medium high at around 40-50fps. 6870 is a weak GPU, and with games only becoming more GPU intense as the years go on, Id invest in a GTX 970 or 980. I have a 970 by Gigabyte, and love it.
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    He would have to upgrade his CPU in order to use a 970 that I 3 may not be able to handle all that card without bottlenecking.
    There is no way to get high and Ultra setting for any games in the future just the Now .. because everything is changing very rapid what use to play high and ultra on a older game may only play med to high on a newer game in the future.
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