( Solved ) Black Screen of Death after installing Nvidia Graphics Driver on a reinstalled Windows 7

Recently I had to reinstall Windows 7 because of a Trojan problem. After installing the graphics driver from the disc provided to me by EVGA, my computer restarted. After the windows splash screen, it was just a black screen with the cursor. It's worth noting I could hear the windows login sound. Now when I tried launching it in safe mode, everything worked fine. I tried installing the most recent driver from the Nvidia website, but was met with the same issue. I know it is not a malicious virus giving me this black screen because I had successfully launched Windows a few times before I installed the graphics driver and because after I uninstalled the driver, I could boot Windows normally without any problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don't know where to go from here with my limited knowledge. Thanks!

System Specs :
Windows 7 64bit
i5-4670k 3.4 GHz
Geforce GTX 770 2GB ( EVGA )
8GB Corsair RAM

UPDATE : Solved. I believe the problem was that I had two monitors plugged in, but I only had my main one turned on. Windows, however, didn't choose this one as the main one, so it just kept the screen black. I don't know why it worked in safe mode though, so maybe it was a combination of both reseating the graphics card and this that fixed it. Thanks all for the help! I hope this will help anyone having this problem in the future!
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  1. Well, first try to boot with your boot your computer with internal graphics on.
    If it works then,go to BIOS and disable Internal Graphics.Try to boot with your graphic card attached and do a CLEAN installation of default drivers given to you.
    Hope this works!
  2. Ok well, I seem to have fixed the problem. I opened up my computer case, dusted off and reseated my GTX 770. After this I reinstalled my mobo chipset and usb 3.0 drivers just to make sure I had them properly installed. Oddly enough, as my mobo drivers were installing, the screen changed and it looked like I had a video card driver. I'm guessing this is because windows didn't fully uninstall it. I then restarted my computer and tried once more to install the graphics drivers from the EVGA disc, and voila! It works. Thank you for reading and trying to help, it is greatly appreciated! I hope this helps anyone else who may have this issue in the future!
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