Explorer.exe HUGE memory and CPU usage.

I regularly use task manager to close various processes. Lately my pc has been running very poorly. So i checked the running processes through task manager and saw that I have 2 explorer.exe running. this is not normal there should only be 1. This second explorer.exe is using an insane amount of memory (3,393,104k) even when I am playing highly cpu intensive games it doesnt get that high.... also sometimes the cpu usage counter goes all the way up to 90%. I think it may be some kind of virus, randomly this morning a music video started playing on my cpu.... (I have no music videos on my computer) this type of thing has never happened before. I struggle to play any games on my PC obv because this thing is using up all my memory and cpu power. I cant end the process because it is protected...what the hell am i supposed to do? HELP
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    You got yourself a virus / Trojan in your pc, run your antivirus to do a full system scan and also use Malwarebytes ( to clean your pc.
  2. Run spybot too.

    Otherwise you will need to save critical data and reload Windows.
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