PC lags with Far cry 4!!!!! please help

intel i7 4770k , dual HD 7970's in crossfire, 850PSu backed with a 1000UPs,
asus Z87-pro mobo. 16GB (2X8GB 1600MHz)ram, corsair H110 liquid cooling,128gbSSD, 1TB HDD, nzxt phantom case, 27" asus led monitor.

When I run the crossfire there is too much shuttering when I run a single card its a bit better but frame rates drop when looking in certain angles.... Any help guys would be great! tghanks
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  1. Is it just far cry 4?
    Go to directx.com and try to find the full distro pak. Plus it can be your driver distro uninstall and than reinstall.
  2. Open My Documents\My Games\Far Cry 4\[account id string]\GamerProfile.xml
    Back up the file on your desktop.
    open it using notepad
    Look for DisableLoadingMip0 and set the value to 0
    It will look like DisableLoadingMip0="1"

    It worked for me.
  3. What are your graphics settings?

    I suggest you lower your settings or sell your video cards and buy a gtx 970 and you will get significantly better performance.

    "This title plays better on Nvidia"
  4. Im so disappointed with these 7970s :(
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