What are AUXTIN0, AUXTIN1, and AUXTIN3 and why are their temperatures so crazy?

I recently downloaded SppedFan 4.50 to monitor my GPU and CPU temps. On the first page, labelled 'Readings' there are temps for different components of my system. GPU for my GTX 970, CPU for my i5-4670k, even HD1&HD0, which I can assume are my hard drive and SSD. But then there's AUXTIN0 and AUXTIN1. For some reason, AUXTIN0 enjoys hanging out at a nice and cozy 100-128 degrees Celsius (sometimes -128), whereas AUXTIN1 stays at a crisp -128 degrees Celsius. Also, AUXTIN3 always resides at 128C.
What are these, why are they doing this, and is this bad?
Thanks in advance for any answers.
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    they are for AUX temp sensors which you don't have or are not connected. ignore them.
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