Razer Mamba vs Ourboros

So I want a nice wireless mouse for gaming I currently use a mad catz R.A.T TE and I love it, but I all ready looked at the R.A.T 9 and I didn't like it. I mostly play fps and rts games such as BF4 and starcraft 2. Money isn't a problem and I want it to be comfortable. I use a claw grip on my mouse right now but that's because it's pretty flat and small I do use a palm grip and more curved mice though. I'm not against the r.a.t 9 but I didn't know if it was any good so If it's better just say so . Thanks in advance :D
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    Ouroborus is good. it has its own little charging station and it ambidextrous. Its also quite stylish !
  2. MAMBA all the way the oroborous is nice and all but the mamba feels better in the hand and i can tell you from personal experience
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