Problems with gaming rig!? AMD Athlon 760K

-AMD ATHLON 760K Black Edition Quad core @ 4.3 GHZ
-XFX Radeon 7870 2gb(NOT THE DOUBLE D)
-Asus F2-A85M PRO Motherboard (Link:
-G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB (Frequency 2133 LINK:
-Corsair CX500 PSU
-Cooler master 212 EVO CPU cooler (Max load 75°C)
-1TB Segate Barricuda
-Samsung 120GB SSD


Certain games run like garbage along with some programs like Photoshop. The games consist of Minecraft (1.8.1 or whatever the latest update is), Beamng.Drive and sometimes garrys mod.

The framerate drops to unplayable (about 7 FPS) when walking or running. I moved it to my ssd thinking it was a rendering thing (Like in ARMA 2 OR Dayz SA) but it did not change a thing.

Beamng.Drive: Its not unplayable on most maps but whenever you get near vegetation (3 trees 8 bushes) the framerate dips to 10-25fps. I ran the benchmark and it seems as if only one core was being used by the game (this could of course be the game itself only utilizing one core)

Garrys Mod: I have about 5 addons in my addons folder and for whatever reason on larger maps the frame rate drops to the low 20s.

Runs better on my crappy school laptop than it does on this PC. Menus take ages to load and its not very responsive when I click on something such as an options menu. Yes Photoshop is using my gpu to help speed things up but it does not change a thing.

Similar symptoms also happen in other games but these just seem VERY odd. Oh and I do have virus/malware protection through webroot.

All my video drivers are updated to the AMD BETA drivers. I believe it may be a problem with my CPU or maybe even My motherboard but I dont know so I came here!

*UPDATE* Minecraft: Did a clean install of minecraft and its working as it should again :)
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  1. That's good..

    You like beta drivers? always hated them myself
  2. Best answer
    I would recommend rolling back to a non-beta driver as iron8orn suggested (kinda:P) and see if the problems are fixed.
  3. I removed the beta drivers on amd catalyst and Garrys Mod runs fine now :) but Beamng drive still runs like garbage on the maps with vegetation... I bet its just poor optimization because its still in beta.... so that is most likely why I am having problems with that game. So I am calling this case closed. Thank you for the quick responses! Happy New year!
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