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Which would be better for a home media server: a Core2duo E7300 2.6GHz, or an FX 6100 3.3 Ghz?

I know that AMD is more powerful, but both would be sufficient for my needs (running a Plex media server with only myself connecting to it). However, I suspect that the Intel might be more energy efficient.

I already have both processors and the motherboards.


Edit: Would there be any significant energy savings between the FX 6100 and a Pentium G3220?
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  1. I am leaning more towards the Intel Core2Duo, simply because you might be able to do more with the AMD FX6100 with some other application later on.

    -Wolf sends
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    The Intel is 65W instead of 95W at full load, but that server will probably be idle most of the time. The FX-6100 should be slightly more efficient at idle while the E7300 will be more efficient at full load. At the end of the year the energy cost difference should be minimal because the FX-6100 won't have to work as hard.
  3. Ok. I wasn't sure what the actual energy costs would be since the FX-6100 should be a little more efficient. I also just remembered that the Intel board is back from 2008. So I think it has SATA I slots only and has just 2 RAM slots, with 2GB of RAM right now. Whereas my AMD board has 4 RAM slots with 4GB RAM right now and 6 SATA III slots.
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