New hard drive, crashed while formatting, windows won't start

Okay, this is a bit of an odd situation. I got a 2tb HD and added it to my system to use for storage and backup. I partitioned it and started the format. After 20 minutes or so my computer appeared to be frozen. I had to do a hard reboot and windows would not start. I disconnect the new HD and windows starts just fine. So with it in I get stuck on the windows 7 loading screen, even safe mode won't boot. So how do I access this drive to try the format again?

I know the format stuck because of a bad spot on the disk, I did have it partitioned into 2 equal size partitions and one of them formatted in just a couple seconds, then the other one got stuck.

I hope I explained this right.
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    Try running gparted before booting windows. You can usually use it on a cd or flash drive. Recreate the partitions and format them in gparted.

    You can also run Seatools for DOS on the drive to check it for problems prior to attempting to boot the OS.
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