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Hi Guys, I'm a bit of a tech novice with a 5 year old HP Pav i7 2600 @3.4GHz with a GeForce GT 545 NVidia graphics card and want to upgrade gaming performance without a total rebuild. It looks like I have 480w of power and a free 6 pin plug for a card. I'm looking at a Asus NVidia GTX 760 or GTX 750 Ti and am concerned about power supply. The 760 spec is for 500w power whereas the 750 is only 150w. Any suggestions advice would be very welcome on these or other cards. Budget is up to £200, thanks
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    You'll need a good quality 500+W card for the 760. $400W for the 50Ti..

    Just make sure there's enough room in the case for the 750Ti and you should be OK.
  2. Thanks - that's what I was worried about for the 760, I'll go for the 750.
  3. You can do a 760 or a r9 280 + a decent PSU for £200 mate if you wanted to go the whole hog??
    Your i7 is still a decent chip - it'll pair with those 2 nicely
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