ati r7 260x 2gb +r7 260x 2gb cross fire vs ati r9 280x vs nvidia gtx 770 2gb vs ati r9 270x 2gb

Tell me guyz which one is better
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  1. A single r9 280x!
  2. Tell me which will take no 1 position which will take no2 position and more
  3. What do you mean by 'the best'? The more expensive card is usually better.

    2 cheaper cards in crossfire is generally not worth it.
  4. Generally it's just as Cccactus said 2 slower cards in crossfire are much weaker and not worth than one high end strong gpu like the r9 280x!
    But if you are asking i'd rate the r9 280x as no1 gtx 770 as no2 and since you mention them in your post i bet you already have the budget for those so don't bother with the other ones and take one of those 2, they are the strongest in your options.
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    I would go with the GTX 770. Its a bit more powerful than the R9 280x. But it will cost a bit more.
  6. Buy a gtx 960 it is best now with low tdp 120w only and also it it better then gtx 760
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