MSI B85M-E45 come with bios update?(compatible with haswell refresh?)

Basically i'm building a friend a computer and decided to pair the i5 4460 with the msi b85m-e45.
After i realized it was a haswell refresh chip, and don't have a haswell chip lying around so i believe i can't update the bios?

I was wondering would purchased the parts from) by any chance of updated the bios to be compatible with the i5 4460 before shipping?

I haven't built the system yet as there's no point if its going to have to be sent back to be bios flashed.

Currently awating scan support ot get back to me, tweeted them also still waiting on replies.


edit: is there anyway i can check if the bios is updated without installing it?(as the part has arrived)
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  1. The vendor (in your case that's Scan Computers) has nothing to do with updating the BIOS, they just ship out the motherboards to customers as received from the motherboard maker's factory. Scan don't interfere with or modify the motherboard in any way, it's not their job to do that, they only sell them.

    You will need a compatible CPU in order to update the BIOS.
  2. Well do you think the manufacturer may have updated the board to the the latest bios?

    and yes im aware you need a compatible CPU to update the bios.
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