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I have a problem with my CPU, the problem is this:

CPU - Intel Pentium D 945 Dual Core @ 3,4 gHz.

I get really high CPU usage when playing games, which causes lag. Whenever I just am on the internet, it does not lag at all, everything runs really smoothly. And the CPU usage is 3-10%. But when I play something, like League of Legends, or CS:GO I get a horrible FPS drop from 80-100, to 10 or something like that. At first it does not lag at all, but after a few seconds, the CPU usage is 100% and it lags horribly. I used to play games with decent FPS all the time, but then I got a new computer case for christmas, and after putting the computer back together, I could not play any games, because of the horrible lag I was getting. I even played League of Legends, before christmas dinner. I have used the dust spray to spray all the dust out of my vents, but no dice. :/

If anyone could help me, I would be so grateful.
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  1. What are your specs? Temps?
  2. Some games are more processor-intensive than others, and CS:GO is one such example. If CPU usage is hitting 100% and then the frame rate drops like a stone, overheating may very well be the cause. Have you reapplied thermal paste since you installed the processor? Is the processor fan spinning?
  3. The thing is, I played it before switching the case fine. About 60-80 FPS, no problem. I took the back case of, to check how hot it is, from time to time, actually it isn't hot, if I touch it with my hand.
  4. possibly could be the CPU itself (being that you're talking about a very old CPU, having been released in 2006) that was already far from top-of-the-line when LoL came out back in 2009. Have you tried dropping the graphics settings on it to see if it's affected?

    Considering that the CPU doesn't even make it onto Tom's CPU Hierarchy list, it might be time to consider an upgrade.
  5. Id say get a new cpu. Like an i3 or i5 4440
  6. I know it might be an older CPU, but it got the job done. To be honest, I am not from a rich family, and I don't have very much money myself, because I am 14. So it might be difficult for me to buy a new CPU.
  7. My previous laptop had the same cpu as yours
    I couldt run Lol or cs go at all.
  8. I used to play League of Legends on 60+ FPS on Medium settings. But every time I start a game, I will get like 140 FPS, but then after a few seconds, it drops to 17. I had this problem earlier, but it just dissapeared, don't know how.
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    You don't need to spend a fortune replacing the processor and the motherboard. A Core 2 Quad will give your PC a boost and they're cheap as chips on eBay.

    First of all, check that the heatsink is correctly installed and reapply thermal paste. That may very well sort the problem.
  10. Well, guess I have to buy it then. :/
  11. I would buy something cheap. I'd switch to an AMD if I were you. Its not the best choice out there,but for budget builds it gets the job done. I'd watch Austin Evans on youtube. He has a $300 build you might want to see that. (Includes everything. From cpus to case)
  12. Turn FXAA off and turn multi-core rendering off.

    That should allow you to play.
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