Asus PB278QR vs PG278Q Rog Swift vs Other 2560x1440 monitors (gaming and professional)

So basically I play games a lot (not that competitive, just for pleasure)
but I also do digital art (zbrush, adobe cc *photoshop and illustrator mostly*)
and plan to start creating games in not very distant future (summer maybe)

My preference is an eyecandy type of monitor, where I'd be able to reach a 60 or more fps on the screen and have good colors and contrast to support it.

also since I do digital artwork (concept art, paintings, manga ect.) I'd like it to have a range of colors next to ok viewing angels.

my preferred resolution is the 2560x1440 as it brings out the best of both worlds and I don't really plan on putting anything extra through the display port. (just the pc)

Between these which one would you recommend?
are there any other "better monitors" for what I plan to do?
budget being the rog swift's price (~£600)

thank you in advance :)
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  1. the rog swift is a good TN panel (but still a TN panel, and you are paying for G-Synch. IPS would be better for your other purposes.

    You could wait, 2 reasons.
    1. more G-synch monitors are coming in the next few months hopefully, including a direct competitor for the swift with the same panel, this has to push the price down as it currently has no competition at all.
    2. IPS panels at 144Hz are now available, no monitors yet though, again when these turn up there will have to be a price drop in the TN, or the IPS will be madly expensive, but either way you'll have more choice, or the same price.

    I know the mantra is there is no point in waiting else you'll always be waiting, but I think there is stuff on the horizon that may make a difference to your decision.
  2. Thx for the reply, I would wait but sadly as i'm just about to order my new rig I kinda need a monitor too.

    honestly the as long as it has 60fps i'd be happy as I'm not playing that competitive to want more but still wouldnt want the monitor to be only for work and have gaming functionality
  3. i'm intrigued by the smoothness of 144 personally.
    IPS might be the way to go for you for colour accuracy, vs refresh speed, 5ms is perfectly playable, 1ms is just better.
  4. hmm i guess i'll wait for more replies before making a final choice :D
    the thing is i have a gtx980 which has g-sync so in one hand i like to use that, on the other hand the ips and its 1.02 billion colors vs the 16.7 million...
    on one hand the 80mil:1 ratio on the swift vs the 2mil:1 on the ips
    argh why cant there be a god monitor? having the best of both worlds
    I think if I settle for 1090p resolution i might have more options but I really prefer the 1440p
  5. Best answer
    that's where I am, was on 2048x1152 (but probably not very good, I know colours were poor), i've given that away and am now on 1680x1050 (8yr old HP, so again probably fairly poor, will revert back to portrait second screen duty), 1080p isn't a big enough increase and I want more real estate, but I want colours, and i want speed, and I want g-synch, I'm waiting it out. Will see what the world looks like mid Q1.

    What you might want to do is get something, anything cheap, that can be put onto second screen duty once things settle down?
  6. hmm i guess i could use my current monitor (which is garbage imo since it has terrible color) for another 2-3 months and decide then i suppose, thanks for the feedback dude <3
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