Best graphics card for a 550W power supply?

Can someone please help me? I'd like to spend under $250, if possible, to get the best graphics card for my setup.

ASRock FM2A88X+
Kingston Fury Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
SilentiumPC Deus M1 PSU ( )
4 case fans
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  1. MSI RADEON R9 270X is a very good choice or ASUS R9 270X
  2. 270 is the best value as of now, that should provide plenty of power so long as you don't try to play crysis 3 maxed.
  3. I have an ASUS R9 280X running with a Corsair VS550 550W PSU without a single issue.. and I play Crysis 3 maxed out BTW..
  4. the gtx 970 would do fine there

    the 280/280x would be a bit too close since AMDs tech is not as refined as nvidias

    The 970 with maxwell can take on the 550W but with a bit compromising on the headroom

    the recommended reqs are always a bit higher than the atual ones so that there would be no lawsuits against them if there arises any problems of GPUs going kaput
  5. so hard to choose! I think I'll wait until the 970's price drops.. btw what do you guys think about r9 285?
  6. In games where mantle is enabled the 970 performs on par with the 290, and significantly better then the 280x
    (which is similar performance to the 285),3941-8.html

    When mantle is not enabled, or games do not support it, the 970 is more powerful than290x. Overall, the average performance is 290x level, for less power, and less money.,3941-16.html
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    Soulkast, I recommend you wait as well. The GTX 960 is rumored to be released on Jan 22. for like $250 I believe, you could get that or maybe the 970's price will drop and you can get that. Anyway, GTA V is coming out at the end of Jan. so that's the perfect time to build a gaming PC (if you like GTA of course) :)
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