Best fan controller that can handle 10 fans?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask if you could recommend a good fan controller that could handle 10 fans?

I am getting some Corsair SP120's and AF120's with a 140 in there too.

Is there a fan controller that could handle them as well as being pretty good overall.

Having a touchscreen one would be a preference.

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  1. Firstly, why are you getting 10 fans? It sounds a bit excessive...

    Most fan controllers do the job. You could try to get one that has 10 channels, or get Two which support 5 channels each and put them next to each other. If you want to keep them on the same controller (assuming you can't find a 10 channel one) then you can get a 5 channel one and have fan splitters on each channel. Make sure it has sufficient power to do so.
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