Which ram memory kit should I buy ?

Hi guys, Im new here and I have considered buying 8gb more ram. The problem is that I already got a 4gb stick (1600 mhz, cl9 and 1 65 v). I have to choose between 2 kits of 2x4gb ram with the same specifications but one difference : one is having 1.5 v and the other one 1,65 v . So is it better to choose the one with the 1,65 v so the memory could work fine and have 12 gb ram (besides the fact that 1,65 v is a bit too high voltage and may affect my computer) or should I go with 1,5 v memory and remove my currect stick and have only 8 gb ram ?

Btw , sorry for my bad english :(
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  1. it is NOT safe to get different models of ram and put it in your computer. if you know what's the exact model of your ram stick, get some more sticks of the same kind. if you don't know what is your ram stick, get a new set.
  2. I already searched for my model of ram but I couldnt find anywhere, thats why I need some advices about this 2 models ...
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    just get a new set, from a trusted brand, so you can add more of the same model later on if you will need it.
  4. Best to get the full amount you want all in a single package - ANY time you mix DRAM it can be and often is problematic, even with the same exact model
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