Is it worth it to SLI/crossfire 2 gigabyte windforce gtx770 2gb oc?


So, I'm a little maniac when it comes to making my pc look good and also on doing unnecessary things on it(when it comes to curiosity). I own a gigabyte windforce gtx 770 2gb oc. And i would like to know if it's worth buying another and doing A crossfire our sli(i say crossfire cause i own an amd build). I'm not making any overclocking or else just gaming. Just in case I'm using the following along with the gpu.

motherboard gigabyte am3+ GA-990fxa ud7 rev. 3.0
CPU amd fx 3850 black edition

What I really mean is
-if I do it what are the pros and the cons?
-should I do it, why?
-should I not do it, why

I'm a little not good at this BTW.
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    The possible problem to 770 2Gb SLI (SLI and Crossfire refer to video cards, not CPU's), is that many new games are starting to go crazy with the video ram usage. Mainly because of consoles shared 8gb of RAM, and possibly how dev's are designing the vram usage around consoles. It probably is wasteful use of vram, but none the less, 2Gb will hold you back on the settings you use.

    If you are not having issues now, I would not go SLI with that card, unless you get an incredible price on it. If you want to upgrade, It would be wiser to look at newer 4gb cards.
  2. Sell your 770 to somebody else that wants to SLI, use that and what you didn't spend on a second one, for the latest and greatest single card out there. Just a suggestion ;)
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