Problem accessing files from hdd after installing os on ssd

This may be a amateur question but...
I just installed a fresh os on my new ssd, I kept all my files onto my old 1tb hdd. I figured out how to show all my library files (my docs music etc) how can i access easily, show my programs from my hdd in all programs in the start menu and be able to put them on the desktop etc? hopefully i explained myself well enough. Let me know if you need anymore Info about the issue
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  1. Hi,

    On your od hard drive, copy all files (my documents, music, picture ect. ) an goto your new hard drive, (c:/user/my documents) and copy everything there.

    For the programs you need to reinstall them except for a few programs like you use steam.
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    You need to reinstall any and all programs to get them to work.

    You can't just run them off the old hard drive.
  3. applications must be reinstalled
  4. Also I forgot to mention that my ssd is only 120gb, so i would just have to re download the programs I dont want to have on the ssd and install them onto the hdd to have them run of the hdd?
  5. Just say install to hdd?
  6. You can do that.
  7. Okay thank you all for your help!
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