How much are you supposed to spend on a PC graphics card if you want to be able to play current games?

If you want to play games that just came out, or are very recent…

Is it better to go with consoles instead?
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  1. It depends what settings, fps, and resolution you want to run.
    I recommend spending at least 200 on the graphics card for gaming.

    This is the GPU alone, there is the whole system to count.
  2. You're probably looking at £100-120 for a graphics card which can drive modern games in 1080p, a 260x or 750ti. £150-200 if you want ultra detail more if you're playing above 1080p. Consoles are cheaper and are guaranteed to play most major games for a good few years without upgrade, but not always in 1080p or in very high graphic detail.
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    A $175 R9 270 will be perfect, as it can play most games maxed, at good frame rates 45-60+ and other games others at high quality at 45-60+ FPS.
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