movie files not playing properly on my external Hard drive

hi my problem is that my hard drive is playing movie files but half way through the movie it will freeze up or get fragmented i tried puting the movie on another hard drive and playing it and it worked fine its a HP pd1000a external usb portable hard drive basicly i just want to correct this so i can play movies of the hard drive again any help would be appreciated thanks
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  1. run chkdsk on the hdd.
  2. A common problem for external HDD's are errors in prolonged use. My old external would shutdown while copying large files, resulting in me having to do it over and over again until it finally got through. You probably have a faulty external, but there is something you can try.

    Go to your device manager, and find the external. Right click on it, then go to Properties. Find the Power Management tab, and make sure that all checkboxes involving shutting off or saving power are unchecked.

    Let me know if you need help navigating, and try rgd1101's suggestion first.
  3. If chkdsk doesn't find any errors, try defragmenting the HDD. The movie file may have been split into small chunks on disk (fragments) because there wasn't enough continuous space left on the drive. At the middle of the movie where you're having problems, it may be split into so many fragments the HDD cannot read the file quickly enough to keep up with video playback.
  4. alright ill try both of those thanks guys
  5. how do i get to chkdsk?
  6. Windows key + E
    Left-click the drive to highlight it
    Right-click -> properties -> tools -> Check

    Defragment is right under the Check button, as Optimize.
  7. how do i post a picture i ran chkdsk and it says errors found but id like to post it so you can see
  8. ok thanks Solandri
  9. oh i tried to do it in the dos prompt with windows open when i ran it first and it said it had errors now im running the way Solandri said
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