Upgraded HDD to SSD on PC that had 32GD SSD best to use old cache?

I recently upgraded the HDD on my laptop to an's great. Before I was using the HDD with an SSD cache, using Intel RST. It seems that using RST in this new setup is not possible or useful, but I still want to make use of the cache. Any ideas for the most useful thing to do with it? Since SSDs have issued with too many writes, maybe I an use the old cache SSD for my documents? Thanks.
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    Put your hibernate file on it. You can also put your swapfile on it. Saves some space on your regular SSD. Those are usually the same size as your RAM, so if you've got 8GB RAM, that's 16GB right there. If possible, figure out a way to move the Win 8 system recovery partition to it. That's usually around 10-16 GB. (Getting it to boot in system recovery mode may be more difficult.)

    Don't worry about too many writes to your SSD. That was mostly a problem when SSDs were like 32-64 GB. You could wear them out in a few years of heavy use. Current SSDs of a reasonable size (256GB or larger) will last 10+ years with 50-100 GB written to them daily. The average person only writes a few GB of data to their drive every day.
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