Overclocking i7 4770k with a gryphon z87

Hi all
First of all sorry for my english, but I'm italian. I've tried to post this question to the italian tom's hardware, but nobody answered me.

I would like to slightly overclock my 4770k but I can't understand how. Here what I did in the bios:
I've tried to set the overclock tuner both to manual and xmp, I've tried to set the cpu core ratio both on manual and on sync to all cores, I've put the core ratio limit to 40 while I left the bclk frequency to 100, I left min and max cpu cache ratio to auto.
No matter what I do, cpu-z keeps saying me that the core speed is 3.5ghz. The strange thing is that all the option I have changed in the bios are still there they aren't set to default.
The only way I can overlock is by using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, but it seems that everytime I reboot it loads the default setting.

Thanks for the help :)
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  1. First, XMP doesn't affect your CPU. It only allows your RAM to use its XMP (it's a set profile the RAM manufacturer created that uses relatively optimal settings).

    When you check the CPU frequency, are you also using a stress test to ensure that the CPU is being used to its full potential?
  2. I don't use any kind of stress test, I just read what cpu-z says. With all the pcs I had in the past, cpu-z never "failed"
  3. You should use a stress test like Prime95 or IntelBurnTest to ensure that the CPU is under 100% load and, most importantly, to ensure your overclock is stable.
  4. I didn't see that the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility had its own stress test. I tried it for about 15 min without problems. The max temperature I reached was 79° at 4Ghz. I also played some games but the temperature never reached 70°. Should I lower the overclock?
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    Your temps are fine. Your gaming CPU temps will likely never reach the stress test temps. Most people try not to go over 85C when stress testing.

    So is your overclock problem fixed?
  6. I think I can say yes, it's fixed. I've found that the Intel utility now save the configuration even when I reboot, so it's like I really overclocked from bios.

    Thanks :)
  7. No problem.
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