EVGA GTX 780Ti SuperClocked w/ACX vs EVGA GTX 980 Classified w/ACX 2.0

As the title suggests, I'd like to know which one of these cards is more powerful.

I'm in the process of building a PC and will be assembling it very soon. I already own an EVGA GTX 780Ti SuperClocked w/ACX. It's not been used yet, but lately with the release of the GTX 980 Classified, I was wondering whether it would be worth it to upgrade and choose the 980 Classified over the 780ti SC w/ACX.

I've looked at many reviews and benchmarks and it does seem an improvement to upgrade to the newer generation Maxwell GPU. The extra 1GB of VRAM may come in handy too, especially at 4K.

However, it would mean I'd have to sell my 780Ti and then spend a little more (maybe £150?) to get the 980 classified.

What do you reckon? Would the upgrade be justified or should I just stick with the 780Ti? Have any of you used these cards? What's your verdict?

P.S. I plan to possibly use 2-way SLI in the future (but not just yet). I would also like the card which would run games better in 4K, even though I appreciate SLI is kinda of a necessity to run games at 4K at 60fps+.

Should I sell the GTX 780Ti SC/ACX and get the GTX 980 Classified, or just stick to what I own?

Thank you!


Sharkoon T9 case
Intel i7 4790K @4Ghz
MSI Z87 GD-65 Motherboard
16GB Crucial Ballistix TT RAM
Samsung 840 EVO 500gb SSD
EVGA GTX 780ti SC/ACX cooling
H80i CPU Cooler
Corsair RM850 Fully Modular PSU
Acer 12x Blu-Ray R/W Drive
Afineo 2.0 Speakers
Razer Deathstalker Keyboard
Razer Deathadder Mouse
ASUS PB287Q 28" 4K Monitor
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    I don't think you would see much of an improvement right now (around 4%). With 2 gtx 970s you might see more of an improvement, since they are 25% better than a single 980. That takes away the possibility of doing 980 sli, of course. If I were you, I would sli the gtx 780ti if I could find a cheap second hand one.
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