Need help in choosing a good case

I have a 4690K, GTX 970 and an ATX motherboard. I now need a good case for not more than 90$ that has really good airflow and support for SLI in the future. I do not need silence, but performance. I have seen cases like:

Carbide 300R
CM Storm enforcer
HAF 912...

I do not know what to choose. Please help!!!!
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  1. Oh and as many USB ports as possible with 3.0. Default fans are a nice bonus
  2. I would maybe switch the ATX MOBO to a M-Atx because you wont need more than 1 GPU right now. You could buy a Aerocool ds cube or maybe a bitfenix one. That's your choice! I like to have a small PC, it is the same as a ATX just that you ahve more room (both supports SLI if you choose the right mobo)
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