BSOD with csrss.exe causing error

My computer has been blue screening every time it is turned on or waken up from sleep mode. Once it has been restarted it runs fine. I have no idea what would be causing this issue so I was hoping someone could lend a hand. Also, I believe this problem is unrelated but it could be a sign of a virus on my computer. My PC had randomly been filling up with memory under the System Volume Information folder, and none of these files are in a specific folder (all just thrown in there). I do not believe they are restore points because I had gone through steps to try to delete these files and anything involving deleting old restore points has yet to work. Anyway, thank you in advance! Let me know if any additional information is needed.
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  1. It could be a virus. However I suggest updating all drivers first. If problem still persists, run a virus and malware scan of the computer. Post back with results. Also you can disable system backup altogether. It is not a safe practice to go in and start deleting files manually.
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    I found this while looking for my issue. This will fix your problem.

    "In BIOS, be sure to set suspend mode or similar to S3. Check for any BIOS revision that may address sleep mode issues. Sometimes BIOS just wont cooperate with sleep mode. " - Badge
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