Desperately need drivers for Intel core 2 duo e4600 2.40ghz (windows xp)

I'm really in desperate need of help, my problem was just the sound driver, however i ran out of patience of having to download sound drivers that is apparently not helpful, so i ended up doing a format, installing a fresh operating system (i didn't know why i thought of that as a solution) so now I'm basically screwed because I literally don't have the drivers, i was trying to search online specifically on the Intel website, but there just bunch of things that I don't know about, and I'm not techy btw .. all I need is that drivers (motherboard, video card, ethernet, audio etc. the good stuff) please .. thanks in advance :)
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  1. Your core to duo doesn't need drivers. Find out what your motherboard is & go to their website for the drivers you need. If the system is an OEM/Prebuilt (HP, Dell, etc) goto there web site, under support, look up the model system you have & download their drivers for your system.
  2. i know that this will be a dumb question, but how do i exactly find out on what my motherboard is?

    and i don't know, i just had a hunch of it needing a driver because i did encounter some code 28 before and updating that driver did fix the problem .. i don't know, i'm really confused
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    Download CPU-z from:
    under the Mainboard tab it will tell you.
    If the system is HP/Dell/Acer etc, goto that companies website to get the correct drivers. There should be a model # on a tag on the case somewhere.
  4. thanks! so i found out that it was an Asus, and sucessfully verified that model itself through the serial number, next question would be i got to this website last question would be do i need to download ALL of these ?
  5. You need the Chipset & lan drivers, the vga & Audio also. (at the site you have)
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